Gangnam Gu is one of the most exclusive neighborhood worldwide.
Only frequented by the richest class of Seoul, this high-rise district
is so expensive, it represents 10% of the land value of Korea.
It is a luxury up-market area where kids in the latest style
hang around to pretend to be part of the very wealthy.
The prestigious south-district is the modern area of Seoul,
made of high skyscrapers, and gigantic underground malls,
separated from the historic centre by Hangan, which separate
Gangnam from Seoul the way life separate rich from poor.

As Psy said: “People who are actually from Gangnam
never proclaim that they are – it’s only the posers
and wannabes that put on these airs and say that
they are “Gangnam Style””.
What does it mean for upcoming generations?
We came from a society where rich people used to show
they were rich, which led us to gangs of wannabes,
and poor people faking to be rich.
But now, rich people try to look poor: Mark Zuckerberg
wears only “vintage grey tees“ that are actually tailored
t-shirts worth 328$ piece and Vetements has sold DHL
t-shirts for 500$. We reached the paroxysm of the ripped
jean’s syndrome. Basically any daddy’s boy will spend
3000$ worth of clothing to look like he comes from the street.

If Generation Y used to want luxury at an affordable price,
the next generation is just shaking everything off.
Generation Z doesn’t want to look rich, they want quality,
they want equality, they want innovation, they want integrity
and honesty. So meanwhile “use-to-be-center-of-attention“
Millenials were pretending to be Gangnam Style,
new arrived Generation Z just fooled them,
the same way Psy did. If Millenials were a kind of revival of the 80’s,
post-2000 born are definitely the new grunge revolution.

The king is dead, long live the king: Oppa Gangnam Style!